The Madison Review Vol. 46: MEGA ISSUE


Spring 2021

150+ pages of fiction, poetry, and art from 30 contributors. Tune into the music, sink beneath the waves.

Featuring new work from Rachel Jamison Webster, Kate Musso, Karl Michael Iglesias, William Rudolph, Karly Vance, Julien Blanchard, Benjamin Aleshire, Christopher Heffernan, Mikele Prestia, Joshua Dick, Stephen Spicehandler, Bill Hemmig, Sean Cho A., Isabelle Doyle, John Blair, Terry Allen, William Brown, Ayesha Raees, Charles Safford, Mary Carolyn Morgan, Melissa Ostrom, Amanda K. Horn, Amal Alhomsi, Benjamin Faro, and Kathleen McCormick.

New artwork from Anni Wilson, Rebecca Pyle, Mia Reiland, Roger Camp, and Sonnet Mondal